I started NYFW on a sore note (I am looking at you Yeezy). But that has since changed as it appears there are more people out to save fashion and succeeding at it than drown it.

Brandon Maxwell, has made me very happy to say the least. Before viewing the collection, I had a slightly mild skepticism that bordered on sincere hope, that I will not clap my eyes upon such a disaster as Yeezy again. Honestly the mention of that collection is an insult and taint to the good name and collection of Brandon Maxwell (For this collection in particular).

So, Like the ever wise people say, lets not live in the past and let the by-gones of horrid fashion be by-gones. So from now, I have decided to live in the present of sweet beautiful fashion.

It was a black and white affair.  And I have not, even a single snide or negative remark to make. Everything that came out was beautiful and amazingly wearable.  From the straight beautifully tailored skinny trousers, to the impeccably tailored jackets. Indeed the subtle architectural way in which Brandon interpreted some of these clothes were pleasing to look at and i have no doubt would be flattering to the wearer.

Viewing this collection, I had the image of what dark angels would dress like, were they fashionistas and Brandon their liege.

There is an elegant simplicity to this collection, that I quite haven’t seen this whole fashion week that Brandon manages to deliver.  And I did have an OMG moment on viewing the black flowy Wide leg pants and again the Flowy white suit. I mean there is nothing in this collection i cant find myself in, should the Good Lord decide to butter my bread with a lottery win (Heaven I do look to you after all).

Here are some of my favorite looks from the FALL 2016 COLLECTION

Thanks for peeping in

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