Village Girl Inc


Continually aiming to to exceed expectations and amplify brands to their highest potential. Our marketing mix only contains services with proven result.

Hey, I’m Chi-Chi

I’m a Business and marketing consultant with high dabbling interest in Interior design. If you ever need assistance with your space or a second look at your interior project. You are in the right space.

I help entrepreneurs come up with ideas and teach entrepreneurs how to leverage resources so that they can build on their ideas,  save time, automate more and scale their business with ease.

So, if you’ve ever couldn’t think of a business idea. Hesitated starting one, lacked the resources and know how and avoided tech or felt that it was too stressful or too far outside your zone-of-genius, you’re in the right place.

Through my simple, step-by-step training, you’ll learn how to make your biz as strong and optimized as it can be – no matter your starting point.

A Boutique experience…

Let’s create something beautiful…

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