Guest Room Decor

Its been so busy, that I blinked and 6 months flew by.  Christ!!! its the last day of of half the year and am sure that by my next blink, I will be wearing  knee high boots and carting a Red gift wrapped box, across New York City, while humming to “Mary did you know” and if all goes well, I might manage not to burst my romp on icy street because am busy admiring the twinkling Christmas lights of time square.

Am sure that’s by my next blink.

In the mean time, I am styling a magazine shoot that ends tomorrow. And I have my bags already packed, ready to run back to the Tri state area and finish a small styling project I had. I have yet to meet That client (Yes these days, I don’t seem to meet a lot of my clients, but rather carry out things virtually).

Which brings me to one of the virtual project I finished Last month.


A lovely couple, taxed me with designing their guest room for them and of course carrying out the shopping (Something i obviously love to do) on very limited budget. They wouldn’t mind setting thing up once it go to them, with the help of my 3D cad rendition and thorough instruction.

They provided me the floor plan, drawing, pictures of the space, measurements etc.


Somehow, I caught myself nitpicking shades of white, gray and blacks while contemplating the direction of the window and the way the light enters the room and affects the colors in the room.


With the detailed information and pictures of the space they provided, I was able come up with a decor for them. And on my indecisive nit picking of colors. I presented them with full decorated room with different Wall color options. They loved loved having those options and having clear images of what they would look like in the room.


Sometimes indecisiveness does breed ingenuity and this was clearly the case on this project. My clients loved it and so did I.

Enjoy the Pics.




Stay tuned for more interior decor posts.

Thanks for dropping in







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