I sat in disbelief through the show  and now currently at my writing station. I try to formulate appropriate adjectives with which to best elaborate my thoughts; but it all boils down to WHAT THE FUCK?

Don’t assume you know the conclusion to this opinion piece. (Well, you might). But while I might find at least 1.5 good attributes, to this collection or perhaps that bizzareness, I am however in no loss of bad attributes. So let me begin with the good

I am sure I still have my eye sight. So, what I saw were, swimsuits, biking spanx, leotards, spanx and lots of it, knee high socks, sports bra on top of leotards, frumpy rumpled over-sized clothes etc. I mean, this are all things that have been seen before and done before. Nothing unique here. But hey it is wearable at least.

Now over to the dark side

I don’t care if it is made with gold spurn fabric, I don’t care if costs 50 million dollars and the quality was one you had to get from the mouth of a rare fire breathing dragon itself. If it looks horrid, it is horrid and i can only but describe this collection in one unbecoming word “VAPID”

Yes, I know what vapid means. I know how to google. But I honestly think it applies in this case. Both, of the designers who horribly lacks inspiration and seems to be in an awful need of it. Kanye who actually imagined this was appealing, any buyer whom because of useless hype calls this fashion, and any consumer who even thinks this is worthy of its cost. (My honest personal opinion).

To better explain it. My sister who viewed the show with yours truly, did note and I quote her “it looks like something worn in a refugee camp. On second thought that stage does look like a cluster of refugees escaping a war zone. Or maybe that’s the look he was going for.”

Maybe I am incapable of appreciating the art of frumpiness, I am incapable of seeing the bigger picture. Possibly I am too harsh on the collection or simply forcing my aesthetics on Kanye, his designers and the fans of his collection. (But then, this is my blog and my opinion.)

I have thoroughly thought about it, squinted at it and called on the god of Art to inspired my uninspired eyes. Granted I think I saw, all of One piece That was wearable or that I hadn’t seen  been done before. Also there is that Boot, which looked awfully similar to Dior boots that I kinda like.(See there is the silver limning). And while I have not paid attention to the last seasons collection. I am told, this one was a step up and it only makes me wonder.

Wonder I might, but I am not inclined with any such curiosity to go seek out supposedly past horrid collections.

I cannot help this nagging feeling that Kanye is perhaps spoofing Fashion/Fashion week. Because, how best can you explain churning out models (supermodels included). In something already seen, done, overdone and overstocked at any store. And if I dare to be honest, somewhat disturbingly messy.

Being I consider myself a freedom fighter of some sort when freedom of expression is the issue on the cutting block,  I say this…

If looking dreary, homeless, frumpy and maybe just completely out of sorts is your thing. Might I suggest getting creative with a scissors and your own clothes, and also tossing your iron out the window. There is also the possibility of a quick trip to trip to any affordable store where you can get everything on that runway. But should you be inclined towards #yeezyseason3 collection and have the dollars to burn. Then again have at it. Although the first option in my opinion does better justice.

But hey who am I to judge? Fashion is creativity, and like my sister whom thank God, doesn’t blog (I fear what war she might start). says “Kanye’s inspiration had to be refugee camps and the homeless and I believe he forgot to mention them in his credit)

I quite often refrain from being mean or harsh especially to creatives. But as Heaven bears me witness, this was the nicest I could come up with.

View the collection:

_KEN0671 _KEN0214 _KEN0286 _KEN0254 _KEN0702 _KEN0223 _KEN0459 _KEN0661 _KEN0546 _KEN0609 _KEN0645 _KEN0326 _KEN0455 _KEN0705 _KEN0042 _KEN0067 _KEN0699 _KEN0074


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  1. In his defence, the words on his oversized sweats makes reference to a reference artists point. Maybe just like “modern art” he doesn’t really need to portray mastery of essential skills or creative genius. Maybe…

    1. That’s a loaded Maybe. Either way I saw another show that made me happy

  2. Lol! Very nice review! And yes this season is much better than last season’s and he used lots of black models this time. I will give him props for that! Honestly, I don’t know where he envisioned people might wear this to. Maybe he made it for US swimming team? You never know they might wear this collection at the next Olympics 🙂 Everyone has wig cap on except Naomi Campbell, I wonder why?


    1. I did think about the black models. Which was why i tried to be nice.

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