I have always thought a blazer could change any outfit. Possibly even change a clubbing outfit into a business one or a decent one. That’s how powerful and utterly wonderful i think they are. Beyond making any outfit updated and wonderful, i have always thought everyone should have a few blazers in hand. So i had made sure to acquire at least four different kinds of blazers in my wardrobe. A beautiful blue blazer, a cropped orange blazer from HM, Another light short sleeved with lace orange blazer, an Emerald green blazers and a beige blazer from.

Well for the life of me this was the only one i could find the picture. But if i ever get the pics of the others i will update this post (hopefully). Nevertheless, having these blazers in my wardrobe made me feel as if i had the basics.

But then ALAS! the unexpected happened. I fell hopelessly in love with more blazers. I find myself on hours and hours scouring the internet for the most gorgeous blazers one can find (and one like myself can afford). My roommate recently dubbed it my “Blazer itch”. Yes i suppose i have a blazer itch that won’t go away. And it does not help that daily i find more and more amazing unique ones to add to the list. So here are some wonderful pics of  my Blazer wish list….
In order words i am recently slightly addicted to acquiring as much blazers as i can. The most unusual ones, unique ones, in every possible color possible. Neon, fluorescence, dark, bright, gloomy and otherwise. Although there is way more to my little addiction. Here are a VERY FEW list of the ones i am in the process of acquiring considering their awesome affordability.


You either love the huge flowers or you simply dont, there is really no middle ground when it comes to this.

My verdict: I am not an overly pink kinda girl, but i am finding myself falling in love with Pink blazers singularly. I do hope the flowers on the lapels can be removed. And i really think it can. It seems a bit much and overdone with it. But then again i am not sure this would have caught my attention if not for those flowers. If you want a stare at me effect, then leave the flowers on. If not, then take them off and keep them for such days you feel like being the center of attention.

Style: For me i would definitely use the blazer complete as it comes if i am maybe wearing a very bland and simple, or possibly monochrome outfit, a simple black dress or something with a continuous solid color.


At first glance i fell hopelessly and madly in love with this. I have never been drawn to a mafia kind of dressing. But this blazer is edgy, fashion forward, boyish and beautifully cut. Yet professional. Who says you can’t have a blazer that makes you look bad ass and perfectly coiffed at the same time? well i say you can.

Verdict: If you feel edgy and sharp. For people who are tired of the repetition. If anyone noticed lately it does have a bad habit of looking like every suit of blazer looks alike. This has a standout and a stare at me effect. It is a slow surprise to whoever sees you and the fact that the color is classic and basic is very well appreciated by moi. Considering that i am hopelessly staring at my bank account.


 UNDER $100 

I think this is my most favorite. As someone who love simplicity; this does all the talking without much ado. In white and in Orange, this blazer although not your typical blazer is for the elegantly and impeccably dressed. (of course i can’t claim the impeccable title) but it does fulfill my fantasy of how elegant and impeccable i wish to look, or i would look in them.

VERDICT: So chic and simple. Can go from  morning to afternoon to night. Office to club even to a cocktail if you push it well with the right accessories. At the risk of repetitiously sounding like a parrot (I truly i am in love). I am 100 percent sure this will be in my wardrobe by next week.  (Cross my fingers).


Under $80

Most women don’t like to be described as one or the other. The idea of being seen as feminine invoke the image of helplessness in some women that the mere mention of the word Feminine makes them cringe. While some women on the other hand hate being described as bossy. as it invokes the image of a hard, controlling, cold woman. But then how would both sides feel if i put both words together? Well i am not sure but you can always make your opinion known. I welcome them very much.

Verdict: Lace is feminine, this blazer has the feminine look to it and a bossy kind of serious approach to it. The cut of the blazers, the length and the shoulders shapes it up enough that it avoids the complete ideology of a feminine lacy feel to it. So whether  you like one word and hate the other or vice-versa; it doesn’t really matter. This is just lovely. I can see my self actually stepping into a casual Friday with it and running out afterwards to a glamorous cocktail party with it as well. So my accidentally fashionable friends. This is a happy accident indeed. 🙂


Under $100

Lets just say I am in luck and so are you my friends. There is no large paragraph for this. Something this elegant should have no complicated words for it. I am sure everyone has an imagination in their head about this blazers

VERDICT: make your own call for it. Just that simple.



This two blazers are two different blazers so don’t mistake it. But i have compiled the two of them because through all the craziness of color blocking this season and for some more seasons to come, i have become slightly unhappy with it’s commonality. But, now with this blazers i can honestly say they are one of my exceptions. The white one gives a sort of tuxedo and has a boyish feel to it. I like that this can be versatile.

The Mustard one is just so different even with its color that i feel it’s just a definite have. I am not sure how many times i have seen a mustard blazer. Nor a color blocked mustard colored blazer. Hahaa. For me this blazer will reach its potentiality being unbuttoned. But hey that’s me!!!

Verdict: whether you are a color block fanatic, a starter or looking to step into this new madness, this is it for you. It is understated with it solid colors and a definite place to start. Or if you are one of those who has made this craze a bit tiring, you can tone you color blocking craze down with this. All in all, i say its is a great FIND!!!



For some odd reason this blazer whispers my name every time i see this picture. And for another odd reason i can see this blazer going from one occasion to the next even the class room. Although it is not the basic solid colored blazer, the texture of this blazer is so beautiful that, the wearer even with its understated gray stands out from even the brightest colored blazer. This one will soon be in my wardrobe and i can’t wait.

Verdict: MUST OWN!!!



This pic does this blazer great injustice. Not that i am in any position to criticize the photographer or model. But we can all agree that the fit is not perfect for the model. But now i see a great potential in this blazer. Actually, an excellent potential. This blazer is a two way blazer and can be won as the title suggests two different ways. The Gold looking lining in the middle is not a lining. It is a ZIPPER. And if you guessed at this point that it you can remove the lower part of the blazer to use the upper one as a cropped blazer then DING DING DING… you guessed right. The role of the zipper if to re-attach the bottom should you want to wear a full blazer. and the zipper i must say adds to this blazers character.

VERDICT: I am not the biggest fan of cropped blazers, but if it comes in this versatility, why not. I never know i might need a cropped blazer one of these days so why not treat myself to a stylish regular blazer that give me the luxury of interchanging.



At this point we must agree that almost all blazers are corporate. But when you want to describe the creme de crop…(I am not sure i said it right, but i do hope my readers understand) This is it. This is a typical corporate blazer that is not just for your typical causal Fridays. Although it can serve that purpose too. This blazer is a full classy cut and fit. A blazer among blazers of corporate suits. The center belt, then adds to it and bring out its beauty.

VERDICT: if you are a fashionable corporate worker, who is tired of the boring every day work attire. This is for you. This has the making of a CEO…hahaha but no worries, it won’t cost you that much, not an arm, leg or organ. No, it is completely affordable

And CHEERS to staying fashionable, and STANDING OUT in the drab attires of our corporate friends!!!

And HERE IS TO COMPETING FASHIONABLY with your CEO even though you paid a whole lot less for it than they did.


Under 100

My sugar baby!!! That’s my name for this. Yes it is color block, No i do not hate it. YES I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! and i mean EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT…

VERDICT: Making its way to my wardrobe


Under 110
Under 110

IF I EVER WORKED IN A CORPORATE OFFICE. LET IT BE KNOWN THAT, This will be my REGULAR BLAZER. I care for elegance, simplicity and uniqueness. I don’t really care much for uniformity. So hey stand out without being over the top and annoyingly distracting.



Under 86

Remember i said i have not seen many mustard colored blazers? Well, here is another one. I must not go into detail about this but i will say GET IT!!!!


uNDER 100

When in doubt STAND OUT!!!!. Can you go wrong with this blazer? DEFINITELY YES!!!

But then can this blazer do the right things for your body and you when you do right by it? DEFINITELY YES

Verdict: If you are looking to push the envelope then, hey my friend Have a grand ball. But i really absolutely like this blazer. It is more of a Cardigan blazer than a regular one. So my friends, have some fun with your color and with your fashion. Oh and for the color blockers!!! I guess i don’t have to tell you that this is also YOUR TERRITORY….

UNder 70

Not my best!!! but if i was willing to experiment. i would chose it.


Under 80

If you love blazers there is really no need for me to explain further.

If you haven’t gotten into blazer appreciation. START HERE. You can never go wrong with this.


Under 100


uNDER 250

Okay… This blazer/Jacket is on sale. This is a bit expensive for the thrift spenders. But you know my verdict as i will even add here is that this is an investment. An investment well worth every single penny that am about to shell out for this. It is a coat, it is a blazer, it is embellished, it is fashion forward. It is all kinds of understated elegance and good madness. It is THE BLAZER/JACKET TO HAVE!!!. I know many people will think i am off my rockers for suggesting this can even go for summer, but believe me it can and it will. for the price, it better…hahaha. but on a serious note. Once i acquire this, as i am counting every penny in my savings jar for this, i will show you how magnificent this can be. How it can be paired from spring to summer, to fall and winter. It goes all four seasons. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i am a beholder


Under 80


Under 80
under 100
Under 100




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