yes I love collars. Not because you can easily hoist someone (a guy up on it, in a crazy argument or face down (have witnessed it). Or because you can pop it as a way to innocently relay a FTW attitude. I mean the attitude could be part of it. But my main reason for loving the collar come back/craze is that it send me back to a decade ago.

I could start a story about how I was a fresh-faced lass in boarding school, where we wore uniforms and then, there was an additional fake collar, you have to button into the shirt. Of course i could start with that, or start with how I rebelled and went without the collar on my shirt or the punishments I faced. But will be going too far back into the past.

Back to the present. Not only is the collar whether artificially added or naturally sewn on preppy. But it adds a bit of FASHIONISTA to the wearer. Not being one to follow the trend I must say that this is a trend am willing to throw those convictions out the window for. The collar my dear friends is not longer just for men, it is not just square and rectangular anymore but has taken different shapes you can imagine. It is no longer bland and plain  those have their own merits too. But it has become bedazzled, embellished, laced, embroidered; name it, it has it all. The fact that it has such a versatility to which you can add it literally to any outfit depending on the design, speaks more for it self.

Here are a few list of  collars and my opinion on what it can be paired with. COLLAR ON!!!


2 thoughts on “THE COLLAR CRAZE

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