Today i got a beautiful watch in the mail by surprise. I wondered if perhaps i have suddenly developed Shopping Amnesia as i could not determine when i bought it. Especially not an expensive Swiss Watch with a price tag of 600 dollars. (I can’t afford it at the moment. I need to re-adjust my finances). I checked the box, checked the second box and then the third. the packaging was beautiful with it authenticity card as well. My name was on it all. I looked to the heavens and said a little thank you. Before the little idea that maybe, Just Maybe, this might have been my brother’s or sister’s doing (they seem to have a watch obsession). So hence I Skype to only to find out it was my Sisters’

“Don’t wear it” she threatened with a laugh “I can see your wrists from here spiritually if you wear it” That’s to say that although i promised not to wear it, i might just give it a try to review the watch :). A very good excuse i must say. So anyway in that spirit i went Watch shopping in ONE of the few places that lowers the price tag…HSN… I just made a list of whimsical and Art Deco kind of watch i would love to acquire  each under  200 dollars respectively. So if you are looking for a bit of difference and some femininity try these watches.

This is a beautiful, artistic and yet whimsical watch. it has dual quality or function. Can act as a beautiful bracelet for a cocktail dress, can act also as a watch.

Heidi Daus “Everlasting Elegance” Hidden Dial Bangle Watch

This Watch as well has the bangle quality. the beautiful vibrant colors that will pick any outfit up. Oh and guess what/ it is a watch as well.

Chaco Canyon Southwest Turquoise Copper Cuff Bracelet Watch

Cuff, whimsical and mythological looking. This watch is unique in the sense that the intricate carving on the sides alludes to a Roman or Grecian even possibly Egyptian theme to it. The torquise stone just makes it more attention grabbing.

Heidi Daus “It’s a Fine Line” Crystal Dinner Watch

I am not exactly sure why the first thing i thought of, on seeing this watch was “BIG BEN” in case you do not know it is the huge famous clock in London which is about to have its name changed for the queens birthday (that’s assuming it hasn’t been changed yet). But, in general this just reminds me of that and also a couple of Historic English buildings in London. Not to add to the fact that this watch will do all sort elegant things to your wrist (meaning, it is the epitome of OVER DONE ELEGANCE). i LIKE A LOT!!!

Victoria Wieck Crystal Marquise and Round Watch

Beautiful, Golden, crystallized, Just so regal there isn’t much word to explain the beauty of it. This watch can go from morning, work, casual to cocktail, wedding….Name it. You simply cannot go wrong with this.

Heidi Daus “Damoiselle” Crystal-Accented Strap Watch

A beauty. For that color pop. Not extremely over done, but bright and cheerful enough it cannot be over looked

Heidi Daus Covered Dial Crystal “Bow” 9″ Strap Watch

For the Girlies 🙂

Heidi Daus “Climbing Rose” Covered Dial Cuff Watch

Now, this reminds me of every Disney fairytale i can remember along with ones i can conjour up on my own. It is not your everyday watch. But it definitely is a special days watch. You chose.

Colleen Lopez Crystal Pavé Gemstone Dial Bracelet Watch

Elegant and can also go from different settings. Just perfect.

Heidi Daus Art Deco Framed Double Cord Watch


Curations with Stefani Greenfield Snake-Design Covered Dial Bracelet Watch with Box

my absolute favorite from this list

Chi by Falchi Snake-Design Covered Dial Bracelet Watch
Heidi Daus “Heartfelt Desire” Crystal Bracelet Watch

In all honesty it wasn’t after my compilation from HSN, that i realized majority of my whimsical choice were HEIDI DAUS collection. The greatest thing, about this site is the ability to divide your payments into different times. So there.

PS: I have not been paid by HSN or anyone, but i have used the site and must admit that i am very impressed with the site



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