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Hello Villagers

Lets assume that everyone came into 2015 with a vow to be totally awesome and spectacularly fashionable. Or rather lets assume that some do. in that spirit, the spirit of winter and in the spirit of “if i must dress like an eskimo, i might as well be a sexy one” Here are some of the boots i believe  essential to achieving a sexy yet covered winter…


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FENDI,                              SOLE SOCIETY,             NORDSTORM RACK

These are definitely on my list of essential for winter. I chose the Fendi boot cause of its Classic equestrian style and clean lines. It doesn’t hurt that it also is in Marsala. The 2015 color of the year according to the Pantone Institute. Call me odd, but i believe i will keep the pretentiousness at bay and keep calling it Different shades of wine… (That’s my opinion and everyone is entitled to one). I chose the sole society and Nordstorm rack respectively because for most people it falls right into our budgets. The Fendi boots are gorgeous but careful huns, it can break the bank.


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SAINT LAURENT,                                      GILT,                                                     EVANS

Yes, i know, also riding boots, these has a different element that i like about them. They can masquerade as rain boots. I don’t remember ever haven had a typical rain boot. I like things that has more than one function. The Saint Laurent obviously is lovely. Its like telling a sun worshipper that the sunrise and sunset its beautiful, because they already know that. Because of it’s bank breaking abilities. I find myself leaning heavily towards the Gilt/SPEND boots. I mean, not only are they riding boots, they can masquerade as rain-boots and are also convertible. meaning you can convert them to ankle boots. It’s basically like having 3 different boots. how more can you get a bang for your buck and lets not forget they are positively delicious to look at.


Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 3.10.16 PM
Francesco Russo,                           Ted Baker London,                                        Target

I cannot say enough about the Splurge and the Spend version of these booties. What could i say, that anyone with eyes couldn’t see? I love love love them. Unfortunately, the Target/steal version is on the MEH! Side. I will be searching for a replacement for the MEH! boots. In my opinion we all need some sexy dressy booties that makes us feel adequate in those moments we miss the adequacy a good pair of heels. A good pair of booties with character more than makes up for it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 5.26.10 PM
Francesco Russo,                                      Ted Baker London,                                                      Bcbgmaxazria

I found a replacement which I like a whole lot better than the MEH target booties above. These Bcbgmaxazria replacement would have perfectly fitted into this category had it been closed toe. But being that it is fish mouthed, i haven’t much complain and i must say its definitely worth more than the price.


Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 4.48.12 PM
   POLLINI,                                            CHARLINE DE LUCA,                              POUR LA VICTOIRE        

I am a fan of oxfords and gold plated shoes done right. So in the spirit of that I find that am a bit partial to these. Truthfully it is not so much of a needed essential than a wanted essential. I must again point out that the Splurge should make you take a double look at your account before indulging. And i so wished that the Pour la Victoire steal was a little cheaper; but am not complaining, i find it a very beautiful alternative. What say you all?


Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 6.55.37 PM
DOLCE & GABBANA,                                    BCBGMAXAZRIA,                            CHARLOTTE RUSSE 

I have seen quite a few caged peep toe booties that keeps making me re-think my position on them. But while i am still rethinking my position and the possibility of acquiring one. I have always had a strong preference and love for lace open toe booties done right. I believe these come in when one is left bereft of what to do, when wearing clothes that require the special touch a very nice stiletto pumps or sandals can offer. They breach that gap and put most clothes to their best advantage.

Finally my dear villagers. There are a great many number of boots to chose from per your preference; all you have to do is google away. While the most heartbreaking thing about most beautiful things is the price tag, the wonderful thing is that one can make do with a similarly yet beautiful replacement at ones price range. So while we trudge around these very cold winter. Remember darlings, to do it looking fabulous.

TO BUY EACH OF THE SHOES (click on the names under each picture above)
Thanks for peeking in
Village Girl (Chioma)


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