Why i Changed my Blog Name

bb497e31ee5f9610b0786e0e06906365Hello Village Girls.

I suppose i should start now to call my readers village girls. If you any of my reader has an objection to it, then skip that part.

I suppose anyone paying attention enough must have noticed my blog name changed after one year of toting around “She Wore it Red” as my former blog name. There is a very…

good reason for that. Values changed and I am working on changing the contents and direction of my blog. I have also come to the very conclusion that i am a village girl through and through and very proud of it. It embodies my developmental philosophy.

I chose the name village girl because it seems symbolic of the values which  am finding in my twenties are becoming very dear and near to my heart and i hope to keep. So for these very reason and more. I have chosen to embrace my inner village girl.

In the meantime. Have a beautifully Lazy Saturday


africana 3 copia
Art By Raul Guerra

Village Girl (Chioma)



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