THE WINNER PROJECT (1) : Non traditional conference room



Not Long ago… Well as long ago as February was.  I spent my birthday working on my first Office interior project. If you can imagine the excitement of trying something new that you obviously live for and the apprehension of wanting to get it just right especially with a client that had a specific taste yet a conflicting style.

My client was an Accounting Firm who considered their firm relaxed and nontraditional.

The expectation was for me to create a beautiful relaxation space, A google-esque collaboration space,  A non-traditional conference and client hosting room. The conference room would not have a conference table. So basically a space, people would feel more at ease in, while discussing whatever it is accountants discuss. According to my client they wanted their office to look envy worthy, yet traditionally functional for an accounting office.



Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me. Took longer that expected because of a few revisions. But I did it and I called it “THE WINNER PROJECT)

A reasonably small space, that had to sit 8 people comfortably. Everything in this space had to be stylish as well as functional. I used sturdy Marble stools to serve as decorative side stool and extra sitting when  needed.

trad 4


In my usual style. I presented my Client with varied seating options. So here are y rendition of this Non traditional conference room, the way my client wanted it


Stay tuned for the Rest of the Project Rendition.



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