OUTCOME: When your client is Feminine, but not too feminine, Loved Modern designs , luxurious accents limited budget and a beautiful space.

WHEN A REFERRAL GOES RIGHT:  I love working for everyone. but it is always a pleasure when my clients are friendly with their next door neighbor.  Same lay-out, Wants similar aesthetics with their own personality injected in it. This was the rough out come









MAN CAVE – NOT SO MAN CAVE:  I worked on this “Modern New Orleans Style Man-cave that shouldn’t look too new Orleans or too” (The clients words). Sometimes clients aren’t very  great at simply explaining what they want.  At which point  Show me is always better than tell me.

JUNGLE THEME PLAY ROOM: The  miracles the right wallpaper can do is incredible. My favorite part: the wall paper is a peel and stick. No need to damage the walls. The space grows with the kids and if their interest changes the wallpaper changes. My favorite part of this process  except for the  black teepee (Mom insisted black hides the dirty finger stains and abuse from the children) was creating the reading nook in the corner. 









FEMININE MODERN & DATED:  I love my clients… Okay most of them, but I like all of them. Even when the request is a bit head scratching.  This was very easy to do. It was just getting through the tell me and show me part that was a bit hard.  She is a sweet heart and I wouldn’t blink when asked to work for her in a heart beat.   She wanted very minimal colors, gold accents, a touch of femininity through color, a traditional item and an antique  feel to the place. But the whole room has to look modern and homey.

Well, It was a pretty easy process to achieve once I figured out  how she really wanted the room to look and how she personally wanted to feel when she stepped in.









BLACK IS IN: This was for a client who is the new Owner of a one bedroom apartment.  He wanted clean modern lines,  a touch of  freshness that greenery can add (without the responsibility of keeping it alive ) and some contrast.  A dining room had to be present, a reading space, and a living room area.



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