I believe God has a very good sense of humor.

I am partly made up of blood and tea.

My brain has a special compartment for novels

My Wardrobe/Closet is my get away location (I read, write and do everything in there)

I will leave the rest. I love to be asked questions…  so if you have questions for me and about me Feel free to ask away.

And before i forget the most  basic thing about me… My name is Chioma


4 Comments Add yours

    1. sorry to make you do this but next time i will make sure to number them myself. Let me know the skirts and sandals and i will be glad to notify you

  1. vivian says:

    I like most of the things on ur blog. But how do we go about getting those thingz.esp d Korean skirts and sandals.

    1. hello thank you. Do you know the exact skirts you are interested in? if you do write down there numbers here for me and i will check with the seller. Thank you


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