Imac Hard Drive Replacement (something new of something old)


I can claim an array of multiple things which I can do, before anyone in my family can so much as lift a finger to point at my short comings.

However what is not on that list is Electrician. Honestly, I am someone who has almost created an OCD like ritual around electrical for fear of the unknown. AKA… I have no inkling on how they work.

But more than the fear of the Electrical unknown is that fear induced from the damage paying apple to change an imac would do to my account…. (Yes… Yes…. doth whine a bit much).

So in the spirit of bravery and cheaptitude. I am going to give a go at changing a computer Hard Drive on my own.

What I will need

Late 2009 Imac :  or //

Hard Drive:    or //

Imac Hard Drive Repair Kit :  or //

Imac Extension Cable :  or //

I am starting out small , just incase my attempt ruins the hard drive. It will be a small amount of tears verses walking to the apple store while balling my eyes out at losing a couple of hundreds on dollars on SSD because I was being Cheap.

I hope to come back with some tale next week of either success, near success or utter failure for all of you.

So Villagers, Here is to Cheap and Humble Beginnings.

See Ya


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