Crooked Stripes and All


It was either the hand of fate that on my 20th birthday I heard “Free to be me” by Francesca Battistelli or just cheer coincidence. At the time nothing stuck out to me more than that simplistic yet undeniably accurate line “…But perfection is my enemy.” Years after i have chased perfection down a little lane called “Still looking”  And while I have since turned down that lane, I have taken detours, and in my detours I have come to a conclusion so simplistically cliche, it causes a collective eye roll around the world. “Even if perfection evades me… it is quite alright”. 

Now don’t get me wrong… I have not stopped searching for it… and if you even for a moment had the notion that i had, then you don’t know me.

And like the Beautifully crooked and bended Stripe Vinyl Tape behind me; I am bendable even if the end result is incredibly distantly less  than expectation,

Good Girl Rebel Dress HERE

Good Girl Rebel Blazer HERE

Just Fab Shoes

4 thoughts on “Crooked Stripes and All

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the pics and the contrast of blue and pink is fab.

  2. And of course the big hair 😍

  3. i love the look! great photos ❤

    please check out my look & share thoughts? thx! 🙂


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