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Some do heels, some do flats and that is perfectly fine. I am not one to chose style over comfort or comfort over style (with the exception of bumming it at home). So, there are flat shoes that could give heels a run for its money. Personally, i tend to go towards plats with loads of personality and more to spare. Even for a Minimalist there are flats that toe the line between great character and minimalism

SHOP:                1                                                                                2                                                                                         3

News Flash… Not really, from my selection here you can see I am in for the square heels, i can multi task in such as going from strutting to running, should the need ever arise. Again being that I am completely Anti-Pencil Pumps (NYFW ONLY). I have again chosen ones with pizzazz. There is nothing boring about these shoes. Everything is well balanced in appropriate proportion with a dash of personality. From the gold studded Mary-Janes  to the curved heel Neon Loafer heels to the gorgeous bowed red bottomed curved black loafer heel (that’s a mouthful). The thing about this selection is this… Be you a socialite, a street styler, blogger, its got you covered.

SHOP :       1              2               3                4                5                  6                 7                  8                    9                   10                     11



It is winter, what did you expect? You can’t possibly expect not to see anyone in booties, or expect me to make it through fashion week without at least one. I said i was Anti pencil heel pumps; NOT booties. Complete different sets of rules apply when these are involved. They are more stable than pencil pumps for one. For me this fashion week rule when it comes to pointy heel booties are this. It either shines, glitters, has tassels, its printed or all of the above.

SHOP:         1                 2                3                4                   5                6                   7                   8                 9                  10

No this is my fashion week comport zone. What can i say, I am a lazy fashion lover. Square sturdy heels, beautiful unique silhouettes, Attention grabbing heels, edgy prints etc…. I could wax poetic about these, but it would bore you. Regardless i feel a sort of obligation to pick a favorite from this group. The winner goes to #1 and #2. Again what can i say, I have been knowing to buy the same shoe in 5 different colors. (Honest truth).  I will end this abruptly cause it is time for me to race out the door.


Thanks for peeking in

Village Girl


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