NYFW 2016: New York Fashion Week STYLE TIPS


The striped calendar  in front of me with the Big red circles and eyes dotted in for fun. Stares at from the wall in front of me. Tomorrow Marks the start of 2016 NYFW and like always, I have done nothing. I also happened not to have caught the excitement. Maybe it is my camera sitting at the far corner collecting dust or  Maybe it is the Pile of Work Sitting at my desk dubiously mocking my every wandering eyes to said calendar.

I have however been aware of the preparations leading up to this day. Some people visit Gyms, And a well timed schedule has been made And Most outfits have been planes months ahead.

Regardless i do not doubt there happen to be those breed of individuals like myself (Here i do not strive for uniqueness and rather embrace the opportunity to find breeds like myself.) Here are some…

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