NYFW 2016: New York Fashion Week STYLE TIPS

The striped calendar  in front of me with the Big red circles and eyes dotted in for fun. Stares at from the wall in front of me. Tomorrow Marks the start of 2016 NYFW and like always, I have done nothing. I also happened not to have caught the excitement. Maybe it is my camera sitting at the far corner collecting dust or  Maybe it is the Pile of Work Sitting at my desk dubiously mocking my every wandering eyes to said calendar.

I have however been aware of the preparations leading up to this day. Some people visit Gyms, And a well timed schedule has been made And Most outfits have been planes months ahead.

Regardless i do not doubt there happen to be those breed of individuals like myself (Here i do not strive for uniqueness and rather embrace the opportunity to find breeds like myself.) Here are some quick Ideas to get your ready by tomorrow. (Procrastination does have its perks, but don’t quote me on that) And for the already well planned individuals; I hope to nicely disrupt your planned outfit and cause you perhaps a moment of two contemplation on your choices (However i know, you most likely will go with your first choice afterwards).

Dubious I know…. lets jump right into it.

BUY FROM : Good Girl Rebel



















It is never to late to Channel your Inner Bumble bee. Usually the combination of Yellow and Black from head to toe, gives us a trying too Hard Image. But these combination is bound to get you noticed for the right reasons. The color combination which is off set nicely by gold and in appropriate proportions and shades. It is brilliantly bright and vibrant which is a nice take in cold dreary seasons. I am always a fan of bright colors and Most of All it is Elegant.



















We are not quite in Spring Yet. So you might be curious as to my sudden penchant for sleeveless and bright colors. Well the answer is that I am ever optimistic. But Please wear a coat.  I am only giving you the Skeletons here, on how to get started. its up to you to build from it. A simple Bright colored dress and Sneakers with a worthy tote. That is assuming you are not hopping right out of a car and straight into the fashion show. For the Street Styles, the Boyish Girls and Simply girls who love to offset the idea of heels and never trade style for comfort but rather believe it is their right to have both. Here is to you.


















To my fellow Buyers, I honestly believe Sneakers are your best friends during fashion week. So if you decide to opt out of heels for sneakers, chose one that isn’t boring. One that makes a statement and here is the other holy grail of wearing Sneakers to fashion week. Add a statement piece. I Like the idea of a different texture clutch. A texture that contrasts everything else you are wearing. As you can see, there are many different shades of pinks here but rather than look like a Barbie’s house cast its entries on you, it looks rather nice and well marched. When rocking a brilliant color, try to say as minimalist as possible. to keep you from looking like a crossing sign.




















For the Retro Rock stars in us. I do realize, that my type of breed come in different coverings. So i have gone ahead to add the Rock stars to the list. Rough edges, set off by smooth surfaces, textured spiky comfy shoes and a killer vest, preferable animal print inspired and some black skinny pants to match. Being the rock star you are, of course you could chose a lighter shade of Lip color. But in My head, i can match you with a Vampy Bordeaux colored lipstick.

This look is usually one that is planned out months ahead. But here is a simple tip. Black & White makes for a very polished well thought out look. No one would be the wiser that your outfit was picked out the night before. For statement. We like THESE POSH PUMPS. Remember it is either black or white or both. There are no gray areas in this zone






































It is safe to assume that no one in the office has an idea you have a fashion week to run to straight from work and at break times. Rather than dressing specifically fro fashion week and risking the ire of your co workers. You can wing it by just checking out of your work shoes and into an easy to run in statement booties that still compliments your outfit.



















The Trendy Blogger. You obviously do not need my help, suggestion or opinion. You have got it figures out.


















Finally for my TOO COOL TO CARE folks. HERE IS TO YOU (I know you might not care but please add tights to keep your toes warm)

In conclusion. Find your Mark, Find what appeals to you and layer on. Do not, And i repeat. Do not be caught in fashion week without a coat and a good coverage for your body. But I suspect, i do not need to remind anyone that their toes, fingers and lungs is very important to them.

Have fun, take lots of pictures and I hope to see some of you there.


Thanks for peeking in.


Village Girl



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