Happy New Year.

I will be starting off the Year with vibrant African Prints. An ode to my heritage.


It is quite simple, really. African Prints have been having a moment for awhile now and there seems to be no slowing down. Especially not with Solange churning out looks after looks of Afro print inspired style.



In the clearer recess part of my mind, where my rebellious streak resides in a limbo between the Clearer part and the gray part… I can see myself becoming a complete social nuisance and showing up to work on wall street on none other than a vibrantly printed suit and shoes to match.


An idea my mind keeps mulling over and my sister keeps, wrecking with her curve ball or realism. “If this was the type of ideas the clearer recess part of your mind, conjures up, i would loot to peak into the darker side” My sister said on seeing my Interior design mood board. On second thought, when i presented the home owners proposal. It all made sense, she said. But not the Wall street interview part.



When I suggested that a Valentines day package with Duru Olowu would forever change her mind, she raised a well penciled eyebrow and till this moment, i still cant decipher that reaction.



African Prints are Daring and Vibrant, The full embodiment of colorful unapologetic women and while most western world appreciates its dynamics, they are still steeped in traditional valued of solid colors. But I am sure, a time will come when it becomes the norm in an ever changing world. After all i just got



In the meantime, I will keep talking myself into all sorts of shenanigans.

Thanks for Peeking in

Village Girl










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