Imagine the feeling of walking into a pent-house office in the middle of Manhattan and having the elevator greeter with Tom Ford stilettos give you a twice over. Her eyes stopping surreptitiously on your fall coat for a quick weigh in of your person. That was my experience last Friday…


I suppose my coat gave me a pass, because she gave a a welcoming smile, stepped to the side and ushered me ahead. It was not until the end of my meeting and i waited for the special elevator ride did she speak “That’s a gorgeous coat. Where is it from?”


My quick response would have being a typical “Oh this old thing” But my coat was timeless. Or to quickly furnish her with the designer and brand. But I have gotten to the stage of my life where, I didn’t really care for name as much as i cared for what the style and design said about me and to me. “I can’t remember” I responded just in time for the elevator to ding open. I clicked my Louboutins and smiled as the elevator closed between us. My guess, I won’t be having much to do with her either way.


My Point. While I am a shoe addict, i suppose my peruser and many like her, has decided that a person’s worth and importance was no longer the precision with which one picks their beautiful shoes, but also that of a Fall/Winter Coat.  VAIN …. I know, but the fashion world is as fickle and shallow as it is maddeningly interesting.


Therefore fellow villagers, Here are my fall Picks/Edit for winter Coat. From the Am Ridiculously expensive, to the Am ridiculously affordable but I look expensive.


So when in doubt as to the status of your person check your coat selection (Notice my sarcasm?). A person’s worth is not in their wardrobe per se. But it surely doesn’t hurt to have a Wardrobe filled with beautiful things, coats for example…


I am highly against hanging your hands where your bank account does not reach. In this sense, Literally cut your coat according to your size and and account size. While I have posted some really expensive coats, I have taken the pleasure of adding really affordable ones.  Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be an option because one wants an expensive and luxurious looking coat.


Lets Take more Peeks into the Affordable Coats.







EXPENSIVE COATS: #2a&2b  NARCISO RODRIGUEZ = $4395  /  #4 :FENDI  =$4550  / #6: ROKSANDA = $2535 /  #8: BURBERRY  =$2556

AFFORDABLE COATS: #1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13 & 14 =$139 – $239  MUICCO = $267    /     #9: TS      /       #10 : MODERN & OLD  = $349

Thanks for peeking in

Village Girl (chioma)




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