Modern and Old a new launch by Good Girl Rebel


“Why do we have a bowl of candy?” I asked my brother who was moving the said bowl away from the table. He stopped only momentarily to give me an odd look.

“It was for Halloween”

“When is/was that?” i asked unsure whether the month had just bulldozed me by so quickly, or i was still standing

“It was 3 days ago” I could tell by the inflection in his voice i had completely missed something. It was November after all.


Now that is that. But here i come to my own defense. We never celebrate Halloween. We do eat candy (if you see it). But we have never participated, so it is not so foreign an idea that i would not know when Halloween was.

But where had the past 3 days of November gone?

I will tell you. It has been a little over a week since i returned from my 5 months long working vacation… (Don’t hold your breath for pictures, my camera was on vacation most of the time too) and i spent that time curating new brands for Good Girl Rebel.

Modern & Old is a Chic vintage inspired brand. They aspire to merge modern and vintage style. With influx of over produced fashion Modern & Old has every aspect of fashion for all fashion lovers down.

Go Check Out the Newest BRAND LAUNCH on the WEBSITE.

Thanks for Peeking in

Village Girl (Chioma)


1 thought on “Modern and Old a new launch by Good Girl Rebel

  1. itsallaboutsonia November 3, 2015 — 2:49 pm

    these two outfits look lovely


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