Without Direction: Magic, writing and a bit of Eccentricity

Its Fall… but am still jiving in summer moods except for the wind in my face am feeling myself. (I feel like that sentence should be in a song…Nicki Minaj take note)

I have decided that i would literally mourn these pink heels when they are gone. What i can’t decide on is whether it would be over kill to hold a small burial for it with a properly written eulogy for it. (These Shoes has crossed oceans literally with me). They have walked through rain puddles, rough terrains (In my defense i did not know i couldn’t wear heels) and not a single wobble was felt.IMG_6110

On another note. I have also come to realize that i love contrasting pieces, both in texture and color. I really love the idea of putting many none complimenting pieces to work for me. (Purple Fro, Black Green jacquard Chinese inspired dress, Pink Linen Pants, Orange MK bag, Pink snake skin square heels and a big Smile to pull it all together)gttt (2)

If you are wondering what i have in my hand. That looks awfully like a flask, but isnt one. It is something i call my Tea Incubator. I carry around a cylinder of tea with me, especially as the mornings get chillier.IMG_6119

Some people prefer a dull fall and winter. I rather like a bright and vibrant one. I realized if i keep my wardrobe that way, i am happier to brave the chilly days ahead.IMG_6111

You know sometimes, you’ve got to close your eyes for the magic. I clicked my heels thrice, shot my eyes and made my wish. I honestly believe there is magic in these my pair of heels. IMG_6120

You see I am writing without directions today. Everything is all over the place and i actually quite like it. It follows my thought process this morning. dec (1)

And you’ve got to admit, there is magic in eccentricity. Am all about magic today and i can’t possibly figure out why.drgf_00000IMG_611722_00034

IMG_6139ty (2)677_00899Dress: Good Girl Rebel (Old) / Pants: Good Girl Rebel (Old) / Shoes: Heart Soul (Old) / Bag: Micheal Kors / Earrings: Rarities

Thanks for dropping in

Xoxo Village Girl (Chioma)


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