MUST PASTEL: The gollum syndrome


If you have ever obsessed about something, then you must have a deep understanding of Sméagol Gollum from lord of the rings trilogy. You have a kinship with him… and no i am not talking about the little infatuation that breezes by like winter in a few months. Think more the kind that lasts as long as winter is purported to last in Games of thrones with its glorious time, it does pass, but it is dangerous.

Those kind of obsessions are deadly for a good number of reasons. And before you tip your haughty nose up at me, let me point you back to the title of this post. No, i am not talking about men except if of course they come in pastel colors (clears throat and googles the internet for pastel colored men).


I am not quite sure what this is;  an expose on myself or a toss out of one pastel skeleton in my hidden closet (I assure you everyone has got a few). But needless to say, i suppose the first step to recovery is admittance. And hence my dilemma. I am not in denial and i am not quite sure i have an issue except if you count (cough) the impact on my bank account


I am thoroughly obsessed with pastels. I rarely do trends, and i have it on good authority that the trend is on its last breath. (i do not subscribe to, keeping up with the trend Jones).


I have found myself daily heading to one particular website that has a whole section dedicated to Pastel clothes. cute and yummy as heaven. And quite often, i leave with one purchase (or maybe two). My closet which i could have boasted was a melting pot of colors has now become a melting pot of pastry pastels. You could add a magical amount of pounds looking at my closet.



I love and blame Be ne -Be ne the brand and Good Girl Rebel for making it hard to break away with their weekly updates. I blame it on my sweet tooth, and wonder if there could be any correlation with pastry obsession and pastel colors. I have visible character symptoms which include

  1. turning my head to the side while i speak to my imaginary self
  2. pacing back and forth in an attempt to dissuade a daily visit to the site
  3. Caressing of clothes through my computer screen and little murmurs of (my precious)

Am i to conclude that i am exhibiting a Sméagol Gollum syndrome?


okjoAnd in my best Bruno Mars voice, “Don’t believe me, just watch:


nkjl Not until the end of this post did i realize i am actually calling out for help. It takes a village you all know. Therefore my fellow villagers i need your help. How does one break away from an obsession they do not want to end?

Dresses: Good Girl Rebel .com

                                      Thanks for peeking in
                                        Village Girl (Chioma)


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