STORY TIME … Etiquette lessons and the very logical child


They say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I for one have thrown such cliches

around at the same rate as i have the carbon dioxide i exhale. With that said, i must clearly announce to everyone yond and sundry that those words are called cliches for a reason. It is a flipping, freaking, bloody bleeping lie. (Notice how i kept it clean?).

Now do not confuse dissatisfaction to working. I am utterly in all entirety satisfied with what i am doing. (To be honest, i am that selfish person who doesn’t do things they find unpleasant.)

Growing up, i had many occasions to showcase this personality to the chagrin of my parents (I do say this a lot… i must not be as good of a daughter as i thought…) I once did not find etiquette classes useful and truthfully still do not. After much convincing and threatening, i decided to undertake it with my siblings. Needless to say the private tutor my parents hired, did not find my questions very amusing. (It is not my fault, he thought my early knack for rationality and logic daunting).

I never could grasp the reason for some ridiculous rules that came with so much utensils. I was being taught the differences in the different types of spoons, forks and uses; to which i broke down in simple terms “if it looks like a spoon, use it as a spoon for everything that requires a spoon. If i looks like a fork, same thing applies” The final straw for our tutor had to be when being taught how to grab a knife and how to hand it over to someone else. I simply and most seriously refused to grab the sharp end. threaten me as everyone did. It made absolutely no sense to me, why, I the giver, have to hold to knife on the sharp end with the pointy dangerous part facing my tiny self while giving the nice, safe part to someone.

They explained why. but i insisted that i had no such intention of driving a knife at the person i was giving it to. “Mistakes happen” they told me “That is why you must comply”. Long story short, i did not comply because i insisted such mistake could also happen on the part of the giver. What if the receiver/other person tries to drive it towards me? At this question, i can still remember how my tutors hands dropped to his side. Then, i couldn’t but now, i can tell that was what giving up on a lost cause looked like.

Point of the story, is i do not do things i have no conviction in. Back to my satisfaction/ working argument and hence reason fro this post. I love what i am doing, but i am close to exhaustion. I have been working like it was air and yes it actually feels like work. I like it, but i believe i would trade a few hours with my eyes fixated on the screen of my computer watching a Korean drama, or my feet up somewhere inside Starbucks sipping on my vanilla bean frap.

Moral of the story is.

1.) If you love what you do, you work like crazy cause you want to see it succeed.

2.) Pray so you do not get an awesome logically stubborn child like myself.

See you all with a new Yummy post on #wednesday

Have a great monday Villagers.

                                       Thanks for peeking in
                                        Village Girl (Chioma)


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