Weather Limbo and Purple hair

IMG_5762 3Hello Villagers

Yes, You are seeing right. My hair is purple. Moving on… Spring has long being here and summer is fast approaching…(I am not quite sure yet since i am still spotting woolen /fleece jackets).


I was in Miami last week and had a very interesting itinerary. Made a stop at Chicago… i won’t bore you with the rest. But needless to say, i saw the people i wanted to see, strengthened the bonds that needed strengthening and cut those that needed cut. I suppose you might call it spring cleaning of sort.



But honestly, i never went to Miami with such a thought. As a matter of fact i went for various other reasons. Anyway, after a week in Miami. The longest i have been since going back and forth, I came back to New York to meet a chilly night. I believe a simple week in the sun made me quickly forget. (No it wasn’t the purple dye that seeped in and made me forgetful)

IMG_5731IMG_5768 2

I have been learning to take risks since my first attempt at adding color to my hair. It is as much for my fashion evolution as it is a social statement. (Ask me to elaborate next time). And I am loving every minute of having people who know me, do a double, triple and quadruple take. My mother i must say was rather shocked at first, but have warmed considerably to it. Yesterday, she suggested i try this again, perhaps in a different color. Either way, i was glad to style my purple hair with many outfits, which included what you are seeing on the blog today; lovely dress from PETITE CRUSADERIMG_5733IMG_5789

For this spring and upcoming summer, i have a growing addiction to GOODGIRLREBEL and a list of others. Anyway i joined Instagram of late but haven’t particularly kept up with it and i don’t want to promise to (we know how that usually turns out)


Well that’s the update on my life, as i prepare for other thousand things. So what has been going on in you guys lives?

Happy Monday Villagers

 Petite Crusader  (HERE)

Christian Louboutin Pumps

Micheal Kors Bag

                                        Thanks for peeking in
                                        Village Girl (Chioma)

1 thought on “Weather Limbo and Purple hair

  1. The purple hair is a win win. I love it.


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