The modern day 50’s pin up woman (stripes, gingham, checks, houndstooth)


The chicken or the egg which came first?

To flounce or to pin who has got it right Such questions i am certain applies to the world of 50’s vintage fashion today. I have been asked on about two different occasion. by different people.debating which style best fits the confident strong women of today. And honestly i cannot believe such debate exists with all the things going on in the world. Chidorigridwooldress-5

The first time i was slightly amused and slightly perflexed. I actually did try my best to come up with an answer. The second time i had lost all graciousness as i was certain this is why my siblings insist that most people into fashion are harebrained. Although i begged to differ in their opinion, i could at that moment relate a little.


Maybe i have not put this hotly heated debate issue in clear context, so that you can understand my reason to being judgmental. Doing so will require a very boring blog write up, so i will refrain and try to bore you a little less. Nevertheless i did come up with an answer. Which is not to say i answered the debaters.


We find flare skirts and dresses back in fashion.On the fast fashion levels we see them in skater dresses, in luxury fashion we find them masked in a more modern silhouettes. Pencil dresses had never left. it is a staple that keep giving, the difference with that of the 50’s being the silhouette which project a pin up well proportioned and curved woman. Tiny waist, straight legs and curved bottom and hips. The pencil dress in majority of the cases appears serious and matured while the flares and full skirt gives a more adventurous fun image to the wearer.


on another note. I am totally loving the stripes, hounds-tooth, gingham ad checks the retro pencil dresses come in.

Honestly, which ever you find most appealing to your person make sure it fits your personality. After all we do not only dress body but our personality as well

Till next time Villagers


                                 Thanks for peeking in
                                 Village Girl (Chioma)

1 thought on “The modern day 50’s pin up woman (stripes, gingham, checks, houndstooth)

  1. The chicken or the egg?
    Answer: The rooster


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