VINTAGE IS TREND. (1950 vintage retro pin up dresses for the modern woman)


If you could go back in history at a particular period in fashion when would it be? 12-4

I have gotten this questions many a times and being a lover of all gorgeous things old. i can’t seem to pick a particular time period. In all honesty i have an addictive penchant for historical romance novels. I have gone as far as making a big hoop skirt which would never see the outside of my doors for moments i feel regal and duchess like. I have refused to toss a particular dress which makes me feel like i was in the medieval ages, when Barons of the land took what they wanted, knights jousted for glory and maidens gave them a rose or handkerchief to place close to their hearts. HT1wKo.FzhdXXagOFbXVEmeraldembroiderytightdress-1

And although all these intrigue me and i would very much love a peep into those days. (Yes only a peep). I cannot however imagine myself pre-flushing toilet, modern medicine and hygiene, showers, internet, freedom for blacks, women’s right and freedom to conquer the world instead of being conquered; surviving in such a world etc. Untitleddrawing2

So i look to the 20th century. and the 1950’s to be exact. And to answer your question. No that still isn’t my century or decade. I mean have you seen my skin color? And have you heard my feminist point of views? (to the chagrin of my father). But nonetheless i am intrigued. Intrigued by the fashion which was represented by many a step-ford wife and women whom the glass ceiling stopped their rise at secretarial work. Red+bean+pink+irregular+small+bat+sleeve+silk+dress-3yutyu

Fast forward to the 21st century vintage seems to be back in. The pin-up girl fashion, flouncy and full skirts and the body hugging genius of a well tailored pencil dress. While i can not and would most likely not go back to the 50’s i am enjoying the new interpretations of the 50’s fashion for the 21st century woman. And that is where Good Girl comes in. Visit the site and feast your eyes on their Le Palais brand.


I might not be too thrilled about the going ons of the 50’s but the interpreted fashion of that era does. I am neither a critique nor an offender but it feels almost taboo to mention sexiness and decency these days. The re-interpretation by le palais into this today’s modern fashion has made both words possible. It is enticingly decent and sexy.

Untitleddrawing2-3 5

So villagers, if your could go back in time for the pleasure of fashion. When would you chose?


                                 Thanks for peeking in
                                 Village Girl (Chioma)


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