LATE PROM DRESS SHOPPING (discounts and great finds)

Looking through the prom dresses on, i have a blurred flash of my high school days. I did not go to my prom.static1.squarespace

No, it wasn’t for the lack of being asked, or friends or anything in particular. other than i felt it was a complete and utter waste of my time. As a matter of fact were I not threatened by my mother I had no intentions of showing up at graduation. I did not shed a tear, missed no one and couldn’t even force an errant tear out. (i tried). I was determined to go as far as possible away from what i thought childish mentality. I was a reverse Benjamin Button of sorts.static1.squarespace-1

ufjmnc1426043344665The idea of weeks if not months of stress for just one night was unimaginable to me. Now, an adult going through Muovata Veidot’s inventory. I wondered if perhaps i would change anything. And the answer is still no. Although if there were gorgeous dresses as they have now; then (and if i even bothered to look). I might have dressed up and spend the day drinking apple juice from a wine glass while my family drank wine with Pavarotti playing in the background (we are odd that way.)iydcpp1427099123237

But, i have also come to the conclusion that only two things would have changed the outcome of my prom night, which was spent at home, doing what… i don’t remember. My mother carting me out of the house herself and dresses like these (Again if i had bothered to look.)osujkq1426503317901

Muovata Veidot has quite a selection. if your taste is the very Prom-y type princess dresses. They have got them. Or trendy pageant like ones. They have it all. And I must say i am contemplating the possibility of a late sweepstake from muovata veidot for late prom shoppers.smutbb1426043367425

I will let you all know next week. And hopefully i can change someones mind to give prom a chance and gift them out of the Prom Ennui with a beautiful dress.static1.squarespace-1bgpgsj1426043327703

In the mean time. Enjoy some of the dresses and Till Next time (Next week.)static1.squarespace-2

static1.squarespace-2 lwnmon1425625382591

 PS: There is a 50% off Treasure hunt on the website. for certain categories. Go to Muovata Veidots instagram page and get to code. Use it when checking out. 


                                 Thanks for peeking in
                                 Village Girl (Chioma)


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