“..anyway, somehow i found myself crossing a narrow bridge that makes stick figures look obese. “Capture

As i write this, I imagine how funny or unfunny it would be were this post scheduled to post on Monday to auto post itself any day but..

Funny it would not.



I spent the best part of yesterday running in all directions in New York City. Somehow, I fail to say unfortunately (negativity will not find me today)…anyway, somehow i found myself crossing a narrow bridge that makes stick figures look obese.

I did not however stop driving across, although if there was a time in my life for panic attack to set it in, it would have been then. I do not see myself making it to this part of the Tri-State area again (Fingers crossed).

Where is Bayonne?Capture1CaptureNINCaptureJGGYGY

Back to New York, i proceeded to freeze my face off, something jack frost would have more than approved and possibly, even felt a little pang of pity for my poor frozen face and icicle d brows. And no, i was not dressed like the sunny side of Miami beckoned me. I feel i could have given the eskimos a run for their money were they to have a fashion week of their own. I had donned a coat so long it was ankle length and swearing it was a maxi dress.CaptureKKLLLCaptureCapture00000 Capture

So, what is the like of me, more fitted for the tropics and swearing by the sandy beaches of miami’s murky beaches running around in a weather jack frost swears by? I was again doing a final pick out and up for GOOD GIRL REBEL. This time, we worked on some denims that makes you go Hello.

Capture5 CaptureNHHH Capture Capture9

Stay warm villagers.

Go to GOOD GIRL REBEL and shop


                                Thanks for peeking in
                                Village Girl (Chioma)

4 thoughts on “HELLO DENIM!!!

  1. Great finds. Think I need a good stylish denim for spring. Do you happen to have a discount code for them?

  2. I love the two jackets under your “where is Bayonne ” question. I need them

  3. Love these. They actually make denim appealing


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