Waiting for Spring/Gordot


“While living full-time in Miami, i would have sworn that my only look on Miami would be from an airplane high above. So i suppose it is a good thing those words did not come right out of my now quivering lips. Because i would not only be eating my words, i would possibly lose my Tom fords heels over them.”


IMG_5306me IMG_5297meme

I am finding the snow loathsome and very inconvenient. Recently i have contemplated shutting my Facebook down because of the inundation of warm place pictures constantly hitting my news feed from friends. (Side eye to Miami). Yes it is a bit childish to consider ending my social networking relationship from jealousy of all things on earth but warmth.

IMG_5298meemeee IMG_5296meme IMG_5294meme (1)

Although the freezing cold has me swearing by all that is Warm and Sunny; i found sometime to do some amateur modeling for a new Etsy Store. (What we do for talented friends). That last bit said in my mind while yet enjoying trying on clothes. I must admit that this dress and color made my spring craving worst. I will be putting up the pictures slowly, maybe not at my usual snail pace but something more akin to a turtle. (Does anyone know which animal happens to be faster?)


If you do, let me know Villagers.

 Lucienne Ludivine Dress (HERE)

June Ambrose Shoes (HERE)

Invicta Watch   (SIMILAR)

                                 Thanks for peeking in
                                Village Girl (Chioma)

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring/Gordot

  1. lmao! a turtle is waaay faster!

    1. lol great. then i must proceed at turtle speed lol


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