Dear Villagers,

Happy New Year to my fellow villagers. Each year we all start the new year resolution with some spectacular wish on how to make ourselves better and each year most fail at such endeavors. Being that i have successively failed to make New Year resolution for all my life. Yes that is no secret, cause i can’t seem to even count on my self to remain good. I nevertheless try to be good. Resolution or not. Now the question is not whether i succeed at being good or not, as i doubt it would have been a different outcome were it a resolution

In any case, my goal is not to dissuade people from making resolutions. But i merely hope to convince at least a person or two to make the simple goal of remaining good without the pressure of meeting your resolution goal.

Now I am not the best of persons, i have never claimed to be and i honestly don’t believe perfection has been anywhere near the description of myself. And although i find the everlasting pursuit of perfection tedious. I must admit that i like the idea of being good. just for Goodness sakes.

Finally i hope those who make the New Year Resolution to break every year, will make one they keep this year. And for those who simply do not make like myself. I hope you remain good for goodness sake. That in itself is a great accomplishment which i am trying to learn

Happy New Year!!!  Happy 2015!!! & Happy You all


Village Girl  (Chioma)



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