Happy December

I suppose that It’s in order regardless of the fact that December is 13 days in. Coincidentally it is exactly 12 days to Christmas before making this post. I promise that was not on purpose. But i suppose i can burst out into the 12 days of Christmas carol and it would be perfect.

Anyway, its that time of the year for lots of giving and receiving. Hahhah i wonder on what end you all are. I know what end i am on at the moment although i am sure i will be switching soon.

So here is my Wish List… 


I have been salivating over these shoes since i saw them. I don’t think i have ever wanted to look like a cow so much… This definitely makes cow sexy.

From Left to Right (BRIAN ATWOOD ‘Hester’ sandal, LORIBLU “Golden Satin and Jewel Bootie“, CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA “Blush Suede Platform Dolly Pumps“)

I have been craving the Olympia heels like i crave cake. Its been a while, i have been eyeing these babies… Can someone please be so kind?…

From Left to Right (BIAGINO Shimmer Dress , VASILLI ATNI Pink Dress, VASILLI ATNI Lace dress

I found these dresses on Good Girl Rebel.The shimmer dress is part of my Christmas wish list; while the pink and blue dress have been on my wish list for a while now. Supposing someone is over taken by the Christmas cheer and wants to fulfill my wish… (lol) just click the link of the name under the picture.

Glamour: Red Carpet Collection:  Muovata Veidot

And then these… i really need not say more.

So what do you guys think? is there something on my wish list that appeals to you?

In the mean time, i just wanted to give you all a reminder that today is the perfect day to start counting down or rather singing the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CAROL… so my fellow villagers… Have at it.


Village Girl Chioma


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