2.) EXAM


Happy Monday,

Am assuming the joy of simply waking up this morning is enough to cast a happy glow on your Monday.

Like, I promised i will explain my hiatus one at a time. And while i would rather be fashion blogging, i figure this is a good way to start again. Especially keeping in line with keeping my promise.

So I have been faced with a heart pounding, neck grabbing, mind boggling, stomach churning exam. I tried my best to find motivation in things like (where i would like to travel to, foods i would like to try, shows i would like to watch once i had it out the way) But Motivation was hard to find; hence my procrastination up till two weeks when i finally got one of those exams cleared. (Yay for me).

I will be working on the other, but in the mean time i will kick start blogging again.



Village Girl (Chioma)


1 thought on “2.) EXAM

  1. Exams are the worst. Very glad to be done with them for a while.
    I have a fashion blog if you’d like to check it out: http://thegeekchickblog.com/


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