Hello Guys

Happy Hump day. I promised i would elaborate on the reasons i listed in my last post. Today being my official first blog after Hiatus, apart from my (I AM BACK) post yesterday. I will start fulfilling my promise right away.

Today’s Explanation:  “1.) I semi-Moved  (See, its a bit complicated so explanation will be too long)”

This is quite simple but complicated (Try that on for size and see if it makes sense to you) in my world simple usually is complicated.

I have been living in Miami for a while now. and finally after years, I packed my bags, booked a flight ticket to New Jersey. After a few months in New Jersey i am now transitioning to New York. Not really the type of nomad life i want. The complicated part is the part i really cannot explain YET…(also my reason for re-locating). Of course I am still Miami Based as i will be doing a tennis match-like Back and forth run from there to here and vice-versa. But needless to say, part of my hiatus came from this development.

I know this is not much in the explanation department. But its something anyone with their lives in two locations, will understand.

On that note; Lets all get to know each other again, or rather, Lets continue where we stopped







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