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Hello Guys,

Yes, I think i have dropped back to earth. its not like i was gone for just a week or two. But for months. So i can’t pretend like my hiatus didn’t happen. It took to nearly the end of the year to have me crawling out of whatever cave i have been hiding in. These were for many reasons. Which i really cannot go into details for. I will just make a very short lazy List. My other follow up blog posts will explain one by one.

1.) I semi-Moved  (See, its a bit complicated so explanation will be too long)

2.) I have semi finished my exam. (I took one, remaining one)

3.)I changed my blog name (You might have noticed… formerly named “sheworeitred”) I have a very good reason (But don’t i usually?)

4.) My blog content should be slightly changing

5.) I am spending winter in a cold place (New York City) with occasional trips back to Miami.

There’s a whole lot more to tell. But i will stop here for now. Just wanted you all to know. I have crawled back out.





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