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Hi guys,
So i had someone ask me why i never seem to have editorials or designer posts on my blog.  To be honest it hasn’t been something i have thought much of. But after some careful thinking, I came to the conclusion that it would do me some good, and i suppose my readers as well and possibly the designers. So why not start tackling this.

Why the designers? I could easily write about already well established designers but most blogs are full of them anyway. So how do i tackle this differently? By finding upcoming designers worldwide and showing my readers there options (for those interested in shopping).  I find that discovering new designers is a good way of keeping your style unique and free of uniformity. So for my first entry of what i hope would be the first of many lets take a look at


What first got me was the background of their site. Black crock leather wallpaper, it was a statement which i guess gives you an idea that you are about to step into something edgy and possibly dark.

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The Designer’s name is Najla Burt who actually happens to be a Floridian, now a New Yorker. Educated and graduated from the Parson School of Design in 2012. Worked for notable brands such as Alexander Wang, Pierre Balmain, MM6 Maison Martin Marigela and Viktor & Rolf.designers.

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Since starting her line, Najla has moved the brand not just in Edginess, but towards feminine dark Avant-garde looks that can be interpreted into daily wear.

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Dur Doux, pronounced (dur “do”), translates to Hard/Soft.  Najla intends to play with unexpected shapes, details and fabrication. The essence of the brand is strong, sensual, edgy, feminine and sophistication. She interprets it as a play hard and soft elements.

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Dark fiction the capsule collection displayed on her site, is reminisce of a post apocalyptic fashion hinting at futuristic tendencies. The collection gives you a feeling of a strong woman rebuilding life after catastrophe in a futuristic world. “The contrast between hard and soft, transparent and solid and technical and natural fabrics reflects the tension between the past and the future and the uncertainty of the present.”

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Designer: Najla Burt


Thanks for peeking in



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