Hump Day Outfit Post

(photos by Javier L. Rosende)

It’S hump day and i am smiling. I feel like writing a poem today. But my poetic ability comes at random and as much as i feel like it today am not sure i am up to it. So here it goes the very ear ringing, eye crossing cliche

Roses are red… I can’t bring my self to do the rest.

Hahaha so, I have been a little out and about and super busy. But here was  the outfit post that was meant for Monday. Anyway needless to say is that I am spending the rest of the day possibly inside, on my my and maybe a quick trip to Starbucks.

So hope to talk to you all soon.

PS:  THE BEBE SHOE GIVEAWAY will be ending in 2 Days so dont forget to enter either here on my blog on that POST or on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL

chioma_22a  Outfit:

Heart Soul “Pasquale” shoes
Invicta Watch 
HSN Necklace
H&M Clutch
Thanks for peeking in

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Outfit Post

  1. I have asked you politely to add my name to me images yet you seem to be hard of hearing!

    1. My apologies. I usually post this the night before save as draft and schedule it to post at a certain time. I forgot i didnt add the credit. My apologies ones again. Will do that immediately

  2. omg theres so much i love about this outfit, but those shoes! they are gorgeous!

    xo, Brikena


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