Combat Boots

096a - Copy

I shouldn’t really be so much surprised that right after Monday the week has a way of speeding by.

So, you all might have seen her once or twice here on my blog. I guess calling my exclusive model will be a bit much (hahaha). So i will refrain myself from doing so.

Since last year she has been dying to get her hands on cheap combat boot. She showed me a few that looked as cheap as they sounded and definitely looked like five steps would disintegrate them into nothingness and a simple scratch would simply lift the cover of the painted on leather (if that exists).  But you all get the gist.095a

My Point? you ask… Because it is cheap doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. After all my best ballet flats were acquired from Walmart at $8.00 and has lasted me the last 4 going on 5 years. it looks like an all black snake skin leather and is one of those that looks better and even more real as it gets old. But we all know that at $8.00 and in Walmart the odds are well almost impossible although i sometimes wonder i might not have been lucky in getting a real one.


Anyway i digress, needless to say, i will show you all a picture of my infamous flats one day. But back to her combat boots. She was ecstatic when she came back with a two toned one  and i did approved. It looked better than anything she had shown me so far. then she announced that she had nothing to wear with it. So, i did what i do best. It wasn’t hard to put a few outfits she could wear it with together. Just let your imagination run wild am sure it will stumble on something once you start pulling clothes from your wardrobe i told her. So after putting her first look together and making sure she was happy with my doing i took a few pictures.


Combat Boots : Wet Seal
Thanks for peeking in


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