I LOVE CHAOS (mixing prints and colors)


Hello guys, its Monday again. That particular day of the week most wish they could just skip. But i came to a philosophical conclusion that should Monday be completely skipped Tuesday will once again get the same animosity as Monday always have. So on that note, Just push on and push through today and every other Mondays to come.

To start off my Monday, I have done a very particular and not so particular picking of my outfit. I am mixing Prints and colors from Head to Toe. I am not particularly sure but i just grabbed these from my closet without even a second glance. I guess it is my desperation to get out of the Monday Blues. So here are a few pictures147 202 153 174A 146 156 154 149 178 165 155 148 176 161

Zara Top (sold out)
Heart Soul “Pasquale” shoes
Invicta Watch 
HSN Necklace
H&M Clutch
Thanks for peeking in

3 thoughts on “I LOVE CHAOS (mixing prints and colors)

  1. and the prints love you too! Gorgeous outfit and pics!


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