A Color Palette to Dating


Hello Guys,

Good morning to you all. Its Monday again huh? and I know my good mornings are probably meeting a scowl considering what day of the week it is. How was your weekend? Mine was good although i had lots to do. It was productive if i say so myself (Insert smile here).

So while the weekend has come about and gone quite quickly to the chagrin of most of you. Myself included i did a few things from going to two different meetings, working on the collaboration i mentioned before, having my friend cook and serve me on the bed (Insert another smile here.) And then getting that same friend styled, ready and dressed for a date so here are pictures of the look i styled for her and how we got to it. 128 BB G F S NV R JC I Z Y K X PU Q

TJ Maxx or Marshalls Dress
Forever21 Belt
Charlotte Russe Square Heels
Victoria Secret Purse
Have a great week
Thanks for peeking in

3 thoughts on “A Color Palette to Dating

  1. Love it, bright Blue and Red is one of my favourite combinations and you’ve pictured it perfectly here as well as on a stunning model. Love her hair/skin colour tones!

  2. The model is beautiful! Love the tips.


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