Hello guys.

I am feeling pretty tired but awesome at the same time today. I went to bed at the holy hour of 2 a.m and woke up at 6:30 a.m. Although I am used to late hours, i spent a lot of those hours last night trying to finish the spring collaboration i was working on. I will try to give you guys a sneak peak Very Very Soon. Maybe in a day or two, or three (hahahah).

So, While i am out today to round things up for the collaboration. I hope the week was kind to you all and Here is a little outfit post. 120 131 133 127 123 137 126 138 128 136

Invicta Watch 
HSN Necklace
H&M purse  
Victoria Secret shoes (sold out)
Thanks for peeking in

One Comment Add yours

  1. iamdelali says:

    love everything about this pics, hair outfit location everything! stunning!! 🙂


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