A quick lunch trip


Hey guys how is everyone doing.  So I went out to Lunch Yesterday (Hump Day) after days of being couped up inside. I mean it might be winter in other places but we are still living it Miami style. While I dressed myself in a hurry the only thing i thought was. “I want to be super uber comfortable and bright. ” Hence why I ended up with above picture. I know most of you will be thinking I should give my Pasquale Heart Soul square heels a break. But it is my Go-To casual shoes that i love so much. On that note, It is almost the end of the week. How are you guys holding up? (Click to see the complete look)

060 045 031044 046 059 0250030

Zara Stripe Pants (sold out)
 Zara Top (sold out)
Heart Soul “Pasquale” shoes
Invicta Watch
Hsn Necklace
H&M Clutch
NYC Nail Polish
Thanks for peeking in

4 thoughts on “A quick lunch trip

  1. Wow both you and your outfit look stunning! The camera loves you!

  2. You look great! Love the two colors.


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