How Far is too far is too far in the FASHION of racism and women’s degradation?

First Let me start off with saying that I am supposed to be studying for my MCAT exam. But alas, I find my self unable to resist writing about this article i just read.

Usually i would start a post like this with a disclaimer of not being an overly sensitive individual. But, today i wont have a disclaimer because it is sensitive. I think growing up without wondering if there are ulterior motives in things people do based on race and gender has made me somewhat blind to many things until recently. If i wasn’t experiencing it then it doesn’t matter. But i learnt that is not the right way to live. Which brings me to the topic on this PICTURE

“What Is This? Russian Socialite And Garage Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dasha Zhukova Sits On A Black Woman Bondage Chair For Buro 24/7 Interview”


Seriously, how far is too far? Apparently there is no boundaries drawn.

First looking at this from a racism point of view, it is pretty hard to convince anyone that they are being too sensitive on this. Especially being that this just happens to pop up around MLK holiday and Black History month. (If you want to read the article about that picture, click the PICTURE).

Secondly, looking at it from a feminist point of view: Why the hell would a woman be sitting on top of another women? If one were to think deeply on it, without thinking of  the fetishist point of view then you ought to agree with me, that there seems to be a much deeper meaning in this than in the sexual preference of it.

I am not an artist. Yes, but even my lack of knowledge for modernist art does not lessen the fact that THIS SIMPLY IS NOT ART. Yes it is a mannequin, but really? This might sound more like a rant. But in all honesty, i don’t think i have been more attentive than i am now. I seem to be noticing things i didn’t before. (Like peoples ignorance about religions, races, sexual preference ETC.) Honestly I am against anything to makes one person feel superior than another person if it wasn’t and individually earned merit. (Meaning, if you didn’t compete with someone personally and won, there is no need to feel superior)

But, i digress. Here are simply some responses I found on the article i found. Feel free to click the picture and read the article and also, feel free to tell me what you think if you chose.


  1. “Women, regardless of race, shouldn’t ever take part in a photo wherein another woman is being made to appear subservient to the othe”r _ FROM LISA @
  2. “Other countries cannot feign ignorance to race issues, especially with access to the internet as well as having a small population of Black people there as well. We aren’t talking about a rural village, but a major city with access to the modern world of fashion & culture. None of this is an accident. Everything is calculated and the sooner we realize they simply give no f**ks if they offend us, the better. As much as I enjoy fashion I sit out major trends & designers because my own morals & beliefs are more important to me than an “it” bag or pair of shoes. The image in this photo is deep. A Black woman is strong; not in a good way, but in the way a horse can pull a carriage, and can be contorted to maintain the prestige of a white woman. But in a few days many will forget & keep spending money on an industry that doesn’t want them”._ From J. Nicole @
  3. “First of all…buro 247 had to know this would be offensive. HAD TO. They’re a new magazine. They just got a boatload of new traffic. All press is good press. They could’ve used a white lady or any other chair. They chose that one”. _From 2Cent
  4. “I find the whole series lacking in good taste and is a further testament of the degradation and fetishsism of women in general. With that being said, it doesn’t matter what other “races” are being offered”. _ From All_Things_Haute
  5. “Heartbreaking. As black woman were still being objectified by society. We can not mince words here… This image is heartbreaking, cruel, and insulting.” _From Mrs L
  6. “When will this end?? When will these people realise you can’t be a facist and just apologise and make it all ok?? How can any normal human being not see the offence in this??? DISGUSTED!!!” _From My Mirror Mirror  @
  7. “This is hitting on more than just racism, it is touching women’s rights in my opinion as well. As globalized as this world is now, they are no more excuses about other countries not knowing and understanding race issues. No excuse at all. I do not care if it is suppose to be art, it is offensive to women of color, all shades not just african american. Everyone is accountable for their actions and should own up to it and take whatever results come for their actions”. _From Christopher D Milan

The comments above have been given credit to those who made it and i hope correctly.


2 thoughts on “How Far is too far is too far in the FASHION of racism and women’s degradation?

  1. Ugh that is despicable… Unless they were highlighting the way many women have sold out other women to get to the top though I doubt it since Ms Dumas has removed the pic from her instagram. Tch, it’s terrible that she and her entourage agreed to or helped think up the theme to begin with. The ‘woman’ in subjugation may be a mannequin but there are plenty of real life women and people (usually poor and/or vulnerable and those in fringe professions) who are taken advantage of by ‘business’ people posing as artists or ‘friends’ who can get them some ‘easy money’. There’s nothing easy about feeling you have to or that it’s ok to sell yourself and it’s such hypocrisy that the buyers and sellers get lauded and pat each other on the back whilst those being used/oggled at carry a hefty amount of shame and future threats of exposure. Representations like this do nothing to help those issues and it sickens me when people go along with it with excuses like ‘it’s just a job’, ‘it’s art’, ‘it’s what you have to get better’, ‘it’s business’ etc they’re excuses for not having personal responsibility or social conscience, it’s degrading.

    1. Exactly, there has to be some accountability even in Art


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