My new obsession on the QUIRKY side. Elite Goby shoes

Screenshot (17121)
ELITE GOBY: Beyond the rack

Screenshot (17129) Screenshot (17127) Screenshot (17125) Screenshot (17123)I am obsessed.
I woke up this afternoon after going to bed at 5a.m. and it is not surprising that the first email i got was from Beyond the Rack. Some how i have managed not to visit the site for a while now so i made my customary stop. I was about to click back out when i saw a quirky set of shoes and written under is was ELITE GOBY.

I checked it out and I must say that i am in a very quirky kind of mood. I love love love the shoes and the prints. It is so cute i found myself adding almost all of them to the cart. Well my cart couldn’t hold it in so i decided to show it to you all.

PS: the Event just literally ended while i was taking pictures to upload for you guys. If you love them, keep a close watch in the site, they most likely will be back.


1 thought on “My new obsession on the QUIRKY side. Elite Goby shoes

  1. Fun! Are they comfortable?


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