A rebel @ Heart… Escaping the box one step at a time

Drop Waist Skirt: Charlotte Russe           Silk Black Camisole: Nordstorm
IMG_2257  Peach Pink Blazer: The Stylyst Closet        Pink Black Wedge Heels: Shoedazzle

I am the girl who thinks that huge dangling earrings are Scandalous, who would be found 99% of the time in Pearl earrings or stub earrings. Has earned the name “Miss Prim” , been labelled and accused that the riskiest thing i would ever do in my life is go to a petting zoo and would rather spend ages in Barnes and Nobles than a club. The purpose of my blog in the first place was to help me find my inner rebel. The good kind…


Long Necklace: HSN                    Wrist Watch: Invicta

IMG_2173 IMG_2184IMG_2236IMG_2250IMG_2214IMG_2228IMG_2255IMG_2240 IMG_2263 IMG_2260IMG_2230IMG_2233IMG_2174IMG_2252

I HAVE BLUE HAIR… (Okay, maybe a few strands in my braids) But this is such a huge mile stone for me, I am walking around campus, looking all my friends who doubted my capability to rock a blue hair without feeling conscious in their faces and going “HA!”.  There is a feeling doing something out of the box give you. And  i am feeling confident i can take on this new emerging side.

On the other side People couldn’t recognize me for a while. Needless to say, i surprised even my professors, but they all seem to like it

Of course i am still my old self, but just a little Spicier and fun. Who knows, maybe brave a huge dangling earrings next…



She wore it red

3 thoughts on “A rebel @ Heart… Escaping the box one step at a time

  1. nice 1..! i like wat i see..

  2. eleonore mosimann December 2, 2013 — 6:06 pm

    those shoes are astonishing!!!! xxxx


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