33 WAYS to Style a Maxi Beach Dress | Maxi Skirt

001 (1)
Manly Boy Friend Green Blazer: The Stylyst Closet
005 (1)
Pink Clutch: The Stylyst Closet
006 (1)
Maxi Strapless Beach Dress: Can’t Remember

Everyday i wear this maxi skirt, I find myself doing something completely different with it from the last time. Hence started my conscious documentation of ways to style Maxi skirt. Eventually, when laziness let go of me, for a few minutes i decide to make a video with the 33 DIFFERENT WAYS TO STYLE a maxi Beach dress or skirt. The pictures here on my blog is…

008 (1)
Black Silk Tank Top: Nordstorm
007 (1)
Gold Necklace: HSN
VOIDEO 121 (1)
Pink Tank Top: H&M
VOIDEO 122 (1)
Black & White Print Toms: Payless Shoes (Sold Out)
VOIDEO 124 (1)
Pink Purse: The Stylyst Closet

 just One way to Style it. Watch the video for the 33 different ways. I can’t promise your mind will be blown. But i can tell you, it will be worth it.



Sheworeitred / Queen of Babbles

3 thoughts on “33 WAYS to Style a Maxi Beach Dress | Maxi Skirt

  1. I love it with the tiger top over the top x

  2. really pretty! I like the look with the black top – so chic!


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