Navigating Miami’s Bipolar weather on my own terms

Stripe Sweater:  Old Navy   (SOLD OUT)
Brown leather Boots: Naturalizer boots (SOLD OUT)        Pink Bag: The Stylyst Closet  (SOLD OUT)
Black Tights: JCpenny (SOLD OUT)


While many people are enjoying the Fall/winter season. I am in Miami navigating through senseless rainfalls, drizzling and Bipolar clouds.

But in the mist of all these i decided to bust out my old rickety ride or die ridding boots. This boots have been through the most amazing unbelievable swampy stories i can tell and still holding strong.  I do not own any rain boots, which a sensible person in Miami really should. So my riding boots serves as rain boots also.

You can judge me all you want. I have absolutely no defense. This should tell you how much i love this boots. As usually i am a size 8.5 or 9.  But those boots are a size 10. It is a long story how i ended getting many sizes above me but just accept it. I am totally Shameless


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