where is AREZIA?


Before anyone asks. Arezia is a BB cream.

Its quite simple. My Arezia BB is breathing its last. (you know that point where you contemplate between cutting the toothpaste tube to get every last drop or just being dignified and throwing it away?) Yes, I am getting to that state.

Difference, is that  BB Creams are not toothpastes and I cant remember having heard of any toothpaste being discontinued just for the heck of it.

Okay, Truth be told, i didn’t hear anything about… discontinuing Arezia. Which might be why i am completely heart broken. I have used this BB CREAM since 2011. Yes its been that long and i must say it was better than even the Misha BB i had started out with.

There was no smell, it holds for over 24 hrs (yes a bb cream that actually does more than it promises). There is no shine or oil, it is amazingly good at moisturizing. Although i have been skeptical to trust other BB’s especially the western kinds, Arezia has been amazing, No break outs either and the consistency is great.

So why the title of my post? I CANT SEEM TO FIND IT ANYWHERE…

I hope before i get to the point of cutting the tube open, that i find it again, even if it is at the moon.

But seriously, Where the hell is Arezia?


2 thoughts on “where is AREZIA?

  1. awww I hate when that happens!! Nothing worse then loving something and then having it ripped from your hands 😦 Try Skin79 Pink BB . That one is my favorite. The only thing is their shade variation sucks but Skin79 is pretty good for BB creams. There’s also Missha, Naruko, & Sua Young which are well loved by a lot of people. I also heard Bobbi Brown has a nice one, but I haven’t tried it yet .


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