Gone too long and excited to be back

So how long have i been gone from this blog? I changed the name, registered my legit domain name and it would seem completely disappeared right after doing that.

Well, then folks. I AM BACK. Both on this blog and my other blog sheramblez. wordpress.

So what have i been up to while i was away. Or rather, i think the right grammar would be, What was i up to.

Lets see……..

Thinking, Thinking….

I haven’t completely been free, or lazying about. I have been in what i consider an amazing opportunity to do a collaboration on an online fashion site ” Thestylystcloset.com  C collaborated with handpicking some of the things on the website and i am so excited for where this could go if everything works out.   So thats what i have been up to

of course the collaboration is not over…. As there are many other things in many places to discover. But its a small start i am happy for. A good opportunity.


Anyway, I have rambled on forever… And this might seem like shameless promotion. Hahaha, might as well be. I honestly believe i put in some very good hardwork on this and i am excited for it. So i am happy to Promote.

So if you have a little time. Visit  http://thestylystcloset.com/ and keep visiting cause the site will be morphing into more amazing site so drop by and let me know what you all think.

So, finally i am back to BLOG AGAIN 🙂



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