HOW TO WEAR NEONS WITH PASTELS AND OTHER COLORS… (Wearing neon from day to night and to work)

I didnt really forget my blog… How could i when i just recently started committing to it. As i love fashion i am starting to like Blogging as well.

So what has been keeping me from Blogging all the beautiful things i found, bought, etc?

I have been working on a Project. Yes a Video/YouTube Project, I had 2 Wardrobe consulting clients and I have been Trying to learn video editing (I am starting to realize that i am not cut out for video work)

So with All these, I have somewhat ended up with a choppy side ways video of how to Style a Neon Sweater/Blouse  (I told you i was terrible at video.)

The Intro also leaves much to be desired , but it is my trial run and first test so i will take it with a pat on my own back and March on. Hopefully i learn better video making and editing and shooting techniques.

So, I stopped at HM with a friend about three weeks ago. And she stopped at a very bright Neon colored Pink loose sweater. I wasn’t paying attention to her (I was busy scanning other outfits). Until i realized she had been standing at the same position longer than she usually did; with her head tipped to the side.


“I like this Sweater in this color, but how am i going to wear it?”  That was what she finally voiced out to me when she called me over. “What do you think will work with this?”

she had asked me and my answer  was “A million and One things”.

She eyed me, grabbed the sweater and said “You will have to show me”. Then she took a few steps and hung it back up on a random dress rack (Yes she is one of those that creates unneeded extra work for the workers. And she is shameless about it. She called it “The workers treasure hunt”)


“I love colors, but NEON, make me shy, I can’t imagine pulling it off. Am sure you can make ways to wear it but not me and its impossible getting a hold of you”

Yes, her explanation followed with an accusation but that’s not the point. I came to the realization that many many people shy off from Neon because of the dilemma or how to pair it, how to wear it without looking like a giant walking sign and how to look like you aren’t trying too hard with it.


I had all these thoughts while we were walking around the store. So i had to back track and grab the sweater. I was going to show her that she wouldn’t really need me around to wear those. (I mean i got the sweater for myself, but i had to show her. I also had to show her that she could avoid looking like a flashing light and even wear it to work. YES WEAR NEON TO THE OFFICE!!! (That was my response to her your kidding me scuff). Very well then i said, I WILL SHOW YOU.

SO I SHOWED HER and in the process, i had the idea to MAKE A VIDEO with my other friend Who dropped by at my place and also happen to look like a model. And from there i decided to EDIT IT & UPLOAD IT.

Some outfits were repeated but with different shoes, the looks changed. So ENJOY!!!


POII uyre

Its as simple as learning your ABC. (Although i imagine as a beginner/Child it was the hardest thing). But the idea here is to pair the Neon sweater with shorts and a simple lounge shoes, or Toms whichever you prefer. This not so much a styling tip as it is a “LOOK YOU CAN JUST DO IT”

I have come to love neon with blacks and whites. And even Prints as long as the colors are marriageable. In my personal opinion, i believe prints, black and whites, or just plain black and white make awesome marriage with Neon colors. Just like i have done with this black and White shorts.

You might notice i used two different lounge shoes for these and both are prints. What you have to keep in mind is that for printed shoes, whichever you chose, make sure it has a commonality with one or the other of the outfit.

                          SHOP                  (click links below)               

SWEATER:     H&M STORE                 (In store & still available)


 SHOES:              PAY LESS                    (Got the pink one 5 years ago (lol). got the black and white one 2 months ago)




For a quick day run around, simply toss your lounge shoes/slippons for a basic loafer, to give you the prepared look of someone who thought their outfit out and yet a relaxed and casual feel.


SHOES:  BEYOND THE RACK  or (look around the internet for ” regan smoking shoe) [Drop me a message if you need help finding it]


So whats the difference again? THE SHOES!!! 

I believe shoes can make all the difference. You will notice that for most of these looks all that was changed were the shoes. Whether you go from a Loafers flats or a little bit of heels like this LIBBY EDELMAN booties.

First i Must say that i can almost wear these with ALMOST anything. These are my go to shoes. According to my brother. He thinks they are the best pairs of shoes i own. It has amazing specs. FASHION FORWARDNESS, COMFORT, CAN DRESS IT UP OR DOWN, UNIQUENESS… It is just plain Awesome.


SHOES:     HSN or EBAY   (Click on Link)         (It is sold out from HSN but you can find it on EBAY… so click on the ebay link)



iurr5f ,



Again i swapped the shoes for a high heel wedge or sandals. Simple. The idea is to always keep it simple and it becomes a look that can take you from your effortlessly fashionable afternoon to a classy simple but yet dressy evening/Night.



Black wedges: SHEIKH SHOES

Beige Wedges: SHEIKH SHOES

Pink Print Sandals: PIPER LIME sold out (If you want to find shoe on your own… The name is “heart soul pasquale”


Whites & A little bit of added color 


To get that celebrity “I am not trying but i am a fashionista look” Wear with loafers. Now here you will notice that it is paired with white skinny ankle jeans. (What did i tell you? White MARRY well with Pastels. I don’t believe you can go wrong with whites and Pastels. So here is a TIP

TIP: When i doubt wear with white, whether bottoms or tops.

So, Not only are we marrying the Neon with White, i went a step further to add a Pastel colored hand bag. You have to be careful when doing this, so as not to be too shout-y, but rather to stay simple especially for those shy with colors. choose a pastel color that bothers on the dark side. Like this Purple BARR + BARR hand bag




If you are the type that loves to wear heels to the laundromat. Meaning, if you would rather be in heels 95 percent of the time your out. Add a beige / Neutral wedge to the look and toss the flats. remember to keep the shoes in the basic color or at the most colors that coordinate well with the outfit, so as to avoid color confusion. Remember we are going the Simple route here


Well What can i say? The sandals is also one other repeat offender in my wardrobe. It works perfectly with the Pastel color and the Neon sweater. Before I put my Model looking friend in this look, I gave been running around my day feeling fabulous in this look the week before. I felt bright, simple and stylishly amazing in it. For some reason, when i went shopping, i got better customer service wearing this. My Theory is (THE BAG and possibly the shoes, even though the shoes are incredibly affordable)



I know what your thinking… 3 DIFFERENT BRIGHT COLORS? REALLY?

But look at it. really look at it. The Blazer is a Royal Blue Blazer and beautifully cut. The picture does not do it justice and the blue color regardless of the fact that it is a jewel blue just sets the neon sweater off. just add the blazer and get the look.





I call this “THE WATERMELON LOOK” . if it works well with watermelons why not you?  I was working around my school campus one-day with this look when some very random person stopped me. (Thanks stranger anyway). And said “I like your colors… very pretty. reminds me of a watermelon, in a good way”  (up until then, i hadn’t really considered the color combination as i had not put much thought into dressing that morning” but you know what? it works.

It doesn’t have to be a green pant; Although that is my personal choice.

TIP: When choosing, choose a deep colored pant, a jeweled tones color. And if you decide that suddenly you were very brave and want to use red, make sure to choose a red in a more fitting tone for your NEON Pink top/blouse/ sweater. And if it happens to be another Neon color, the same tip applies




Well, I am going to apologize for the low lighting in some of the pictures before i continue.

We had moved from My Hallway to My Kitchen. And we did not turn the lights off… So forgive the mistake…

Why not take the Picture over? (Well, Like i mentioned, My friend who stopped by my apartment was modeling my clothes and at this point she was ready to be on her way home.

Okay so i rambled. But back to the outfit. Here again i paired green with the neon, except this time with a jewel toned green simple pencil skirt. (I just love skirts or dresses with pockets).

I did not add a belt BUT you can add a very SKINNY BELT. I would add a dark brown skinny belt if i were to add any.

You will notice that the look has 2 different looks. The first look is with the beige wedge from the earlier looks. It is a neutral nude color so it works. (Sometime i think, Khaki, camel, beige, nude colors could be considered on the same level as black…. ALMOST)

The second look as a simple color blocked wedge. This wedge is a sibling to the Black wedge from earlier looks. So you will find them in the same link. from the picture you notice it has a contrast of green on it. Again like, choose something that has a similarity with one or the other of what you are wearing.


Color block Wedge : SHEIKH SHOES


A date night, A club nigh, A dinner and A party


I chose to add a Gold classy statement necklace. The EDELMAN booties, and a CLUTCH from H&M, with of course the black tights.

The necklace adds a dressy look to it, as well as the clutch and as for the shoes, they are multi-purpose. You can stand in them for hours. They serve the convenience and purpose of high heels without the inconvenience of discomfort when standing or walking long distances. The clutch is in the same color family


CASUAL: This look works as well, just leave the neck lace out. And also you have the CHOICE of either keeping the shoes on or, changing it for one of the others above. All the shoes work with this looks.

DRESSY: keep everything on and swap the shoes if you chose. Use any of the heels or wedges from above.  



I mean there are a million and one ways like i told her. But i just had to give the basics and we will stop here. TO WATCH THE VIDEO OF THIS LOOKS click on this LINK–VIDEO


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