M.I.A (Missing in Action) on my blog

So i received a couple of accusatory emails/Facebook messages from some of my subscribers asking why in Heavens name i am M.I.A on my own blog. Well for starters i thought i have been incredibly attentive and punctual with my new resolution to follow through. But i guess that isn’t enough. Apparently, i have requests to upload my OUTFIT OF THE DAY, HOW TO’S, STYLIST TIPS, TUTORIALS and even BEAUTY/MAKE-UP and such.

Ummmm…. That has been my response for a couple of days now as i mauled over the idea. My rational is this. (There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs and tutorials on you-tube and such to help, without me having to add to that. But then i have a responsibility, not just to enjoying blogging for myself, but to meet the needs of my followers.


On the list of inquires i got, were also ones that accused me of NOT ALWAYS listing sites on where to find the things on my blog and for that I apologize. I will try my best…

Lastly i am going to Admit, that although i live in one of the biggest Party City in the world, I am a hermit. Yes a Hermit who loves fashion. And i will also admit that i love fashion but when i head out, i always opt for the simplest things ever, except on days i wake up feeling like COCO Chanel herself.  Again i don’t go out a lot, especially since its summer. I am quite enjoying my lethargic Months.

So in general, i hope everyone is not disappointed and I will try to show myself ones in a while.


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